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Abandoned Buildings (Virtual Exhibition)

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Deadline: Thursday July 8, 2021
Buildings of the past remain empty, standing alone, narrating stories to anyone who has the time or the mood to listen to them. Each building a different story, yet the same as the final reslult remains the same. We are interested in seeing abandoned buildings from different parts of the world.
Send us 5 of your best shots in order to
participate in the new digital contest launched by Blank Wall Gallery.
The first 3 winners will receive a total of €1,000 Cash

Choices Announced: Until Monday July 12, 2021
Virtual Exhibition: August 2021 – October 2021

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Deadline: Thursday August 5, 2021
Urban and public places and scenes of everyday life are part of the cityscape photography. Everybody is on the run. The pace of life never slows down. There is a hectic rhythm full of noise and shouts. Images and situations pass in front of our eyes and disappear within seconds and all these happening around tall, impressive buildings that are part of the city and its character.

Photographs of such cities are welcome to take part
in the “Cityscape” contest.

Choices Announced: Until Monday August 9, 2021
Exhibition: Friday October 1 – Wednesday October 13, 2021

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Fine art

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Deadline: Thursday September 23, 2021
Fine art is the way photographers see the world around them and communicate it to their viewers. It’s a totally personal way of expression, which helps all of us realize what happens in the mind of a photographer. It is our window to the artist’s world and that is why it is so fascinating. We, in Blank Wall Gallery are looking for the kind of photographs that will enchant us and allow us to catch a glimpse of the artists’ world.

All categories of Fine art are accepted (Abstract, Landscape, Nudes, Portrait and any other category you believe it is worth displaying)

Choices Announced: Until Saturday September 25, 2021
Exhibition: Friday October 29 – Wednesday November 10, 2021

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Best Portfolio 2021
Calling for submissions
Deadline: Saturday October 23, 2021
Blank Wall Gallery organizes an international portfolio contest for 2021 in order to discover and promote one photographer. The award of the best photographer will be a two-week solo exhibition at the new premises of Blank Wall Gallery. The gallery will produce and finance 36 prints (40x50cm and 50x70cm) for the exhibition as well as everything needed for its realization, even if you cannot attend it. The artist will gain international recognition and promotion from our web page.
(A prize worth over €2,000)

Choices Announced: Sunday October 24, 2021
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