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Deadline: Thursday August 24, 2017
Travel photography expresses the feelings someone experiences when travelling to a place. Feelings connected to the land, the time, the culture, the people and most importantly to first impressions. Seeing a place for the first time can provoke a number of strong feelings. Photographers have the privilege to be able to depict these feelings through their photographs, giving a very interesting final result to the viewers.

We are asking photographers to make the most of their summer holidays and present us with the result of their work for the “Travel” contest.

Choices Announced: Monday August 28, 2017
Exhibition: Friday September 22 – Thursday October 5, 2017

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Black & White
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Deadline: Thursday September 7, 2017
Black and White is the genre of photography, with probably
the most fanatic followers worldwide.
Almost everything has been shot in Black and white, presenting a different aspect of the same subject. Thus, people, landscapes and everyday situations are viewed in a different way,
more artistic according to some.

Such photographs are welcome to be submitted to our contest.
All means are accepted.

Choices Announced: Monday September 11, 2017
Exhibition: Friday October 6 – Thursday October 19, 2017

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Deadline: Thursday September 21, 2017
Landscape is a genre many photographers like and are willing to travel
all over the world just to depict places that are out of the ordinary.
Some of the most beautiful and impressive places on earth.
There are breathtaking photographs taken by both amateur and professional photographers,
of places totally untouched by the human hand and others where the human
element exists in harmony with nature.

All kinds of landscapes are welcome to take part in the contest.

Choices Announced: Monday September 25, 2017
Exhibition: Friday October 20 – Thursday November 2, 2017

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Best Portfolio 2018
Calling for submissions
Deadline: Sunday May 27, 2018
Blank Wall Gallery organizes an international portfolio contest for 2018 in order to discover and promote one photographer. The award of the best photographer will be a two-week solo exhibition at the new premises of Blank Wall Gallery. The gallery will produce and finance 36 prints (40x50cm and 50x70cm) for the exhibition as well as everything needed for its realization, even if you cannot attend it. The artist will gain international recognition and promotion from our web page.
(A prize worth over €2,000)

Choices Announced: Sunday June 3, 2018
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