Calls for Entry

Calling for submissions
Deadline: Thursday June 9, 2016
We see and think in color. Colors can be found everywhere. They play a dominant role in our lives and our psychology. They have the power to create moods, evoke emotions, make our days brighter or duller and show the world in a different way. They attract our attention and provoke our creativity. In Blank Wall Gallery we would like to see photographs full of color, with the power to create strong feelings. All means of photography are accepted.
Choices Announced: Saturday June 11, 2016
Exhibition: Saturday July 2 – Friday July 15, 2016
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Calling for submissions
Deadline: Thursday August 11, 2016
Travel photography expresses the feelings someone experiences when travelling to a place. Feelings connected to the land, the time, the culture, the people and most importantly to first impressions. Seeing a place for the first time can provoke a number of strong feelings. Photographers have the privilege to be able to depict these feelings through their photographs, giving a very interesting final result to the viewers. We are asking photographers to make the most of their summer holidays and present us with the result of their work for the “Travelling” contest.
Choices Announced: Saturday August 13, 2016
Exhibition: Saturday September 3 – Friday September 16, 2016
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Fine Art
Calling for submissions
Deadline: Thursday September 8, 2016
Fine art is the way photographers see the world around them and their communicating it to their viewers. It’s a totally personal way of expression, which helps all of us realize what happens in the mind of a photographer. It is our window to the artist’s world and that is why it is so fascinating.
We, in Blank Wall Gallery are looking for the kind of photographs that will enchant us and allow us to catch a glimpse of the artists’ world.

Choices Announced: Saturday September 10, 2016
Exhibition: Saturday October 1 – Friday October 14, 2016
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