solo or group exhibition

Hiring the gallery

Blank Wall Gallery is pleased to announce that there will be a space available to hire for solo and group exhibitions.
(We undertake the organisation of your photography exhibition even if you cannot be present at it due to the distance).

The cost for hiring the space is: 950 euros/week (VAT is not included in the price)
The services included in the price are: printing of your photographs on 260 gsm paper, framing, hanging of the photos, press releases, sending invitations, opening night and supervision.

If you want to hire the gallery for two weeks, the second week is 650 euros.

There are 50 photographs included in this offer.
(Dimensions: 40x50cm, 43x43cm, 61x24cm, 50x50cm and 50x70cm).
Running wall: 48 meters.


Files processing and photographs printing

Blank Wall Gallery has the following suggestion which refers to a total of 50 photographs.

– 42 photos 40 x 50 cm and 8 photos 50 x 70 cm

In case you want to print more photographs in a bigger dimension than offered in the scheme, then the pricing alters as follows:

From 40 x 50 cm to 50 x 50 cm: 3 euros more for each photograph
From 40 x 50 cm to 50 x 70 cm: 10 euros more for each photograph.
From 50 x 50 cm to 50 x 70 cm: 7 euros more for each photograph.
(i.e. You want to alter the sizes of the photographs as follows: You want 37 photographs 40x50cm, 4 photographs 50x50cm and 9 photographs 50x70cm. The additional cost is 12 euros for the photographs 50x50cm and 10 euros for the extra photograph 50x70cm. That is 22 more euros to the total sum.)

If you want to print more than the 50 photographs included in the scheme, then the cost is as follows:

40 x 50 cm: 14 euros/photograph
43 x 43 cm: 14 euros/photograph
61 x 24 cm: 14 euros/photograph
50 x 50 cm: 17 euros/photograph
50 x 70 cm: 24 euros/photograph

(All prices above do not include VAT.)


Framing of the photographs

The frames we use are in the following dimensions:

43.5 x 53.5 cm.
46.5 x 46.5 cm.
64.5 x 27.5 cm.
53.5 x 53.5 cm.
53.5 x 73.5 cm.

The frames are property of the gallery and are granted to the artists for the days of the exhibition for free, regardless of the number of the photographs you have chosen to exhibit.



The photographs can be presented with or without mat.
The mats can be in any color or shade you think will make your work look better.


Additional services offered by Blank Wall Gallery free of charge

We undertake composing and sending press releases and invitations.

On the first day of the exhibition, there will be wine and a snack for the people who will attend the event.

You can send us an email list with friends, clients and magazines you would like us to include in our sending list.

We are going to create the poster of the exhibition.

We will create an event on our Facebook page and announce the exhibition on other social media.

Your exhibition will be presented at the web page of Blank Wall Gallery like all the other exhibitions of the gallery.

You will be also added in the artists’ page of Blank Wall Gallery.

When the exhibition finishes we are going to send you photographs of the space with your works, press references about the exhibition and any other material we think will be of interest to you.

We are going to collect the emails and the names of the people who expressed interest to buy any of your work, so that you can contact them and come to an agreement without any interference from us.

If you are two or three photographers and you want to present your work, you can have a group exhibition with no extra charge.

The exhibition starts on Friday night and last until Thursday night.
Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Friday: 17:30 – 21:30
Saturday: 12:30 – 14:30
Sunday, Thursday: Closed

Apart from the fixed days and hours, viewings can be arranged by appointment as well.

If what we offer does not fully satisfy you, you can always contact us with your inquiries and we will be pleased to help you realize your exhibition exactly the way you have in mind.


Ways to reduce your exhibition cost

You can find a co-photographer or more to organize a group exhibition.

Blank Wall Gallery does not charge any commission in case you sell a photograph. Having that in mind as well as the fact that you do not pay for the printing of your photographs, you can have very competitive prices and thus make sure that you have serious chances to sell your work.

You can have the printed photographs sent to you, without the frames, paying a small sum for the packaging, 20 euro. The shipping cost may vary according to the shipping country and the weight of the parcel, so you will have to contact us to tell you about it.
That way, you can use the same photographs for another exhibition you are planning to have, and have a considerable profit.

If you do not opt for having your printed photographs sent to you, then they are destroyed along with your digital files.


How to pay for the exhibition

When you ask for the availability of a date, either by email of by phone, the date will be reserved for you for 2 days. During that time, you should pay the 25% of the total sum so that the date is booked with you. The payment of the rest of the sum should be made at least 30 days before the beginning of the exhibition, as well as the emailing of the digital files which will have to be printed for the exhibition.

You can pay for hiring the space using all debit or credit cards.



1. Artists grant Blank Wall Gallery the right to use their images to promote the exhibition, for display on Blank Wall Gallery webpage and for inclusion in an exhibit catalog.

2. The Artist declares that he/she is the owner of the Works that will be exhibited and they have their copyrights.

3. The royalties of the Works are not bestowed to the Gallery at any time. The copyright of the Works remains in the creators and in them alone.

4. The copyright of the Works during and after the exhibition remains with the Artist.

5. The Gallery does not have the right to make use of or bestow the high definition files or the prints of the Works that will be used for the realization of the exhibition.

6. The Gallery will not have any commercial profit from the Works that will be exhibited and it cannot exploit them at any time.

7. The Works will remain at the Gallery premises only for the period the exhibition lasts for.

8. The Works can remain at the Gallery premises only if the exhibition is prolonged for some time after the end of the programmed date.

9. After the end of the exhibition, the Works, both digital and printed, will be destroyed with the responsibility of the Gallery. Only a small file in the size of 750 pixels will be kept for the prompt function of the web page.

I have read and agree to all the rules and regulations of this agreement.