Exhibitions – Travelling

Photography exhibition

Exhibition Duration:
10 September – 23 September 2016

Travel photography is a genre that can present the viewer with a wide variety of subjects. It can be very challenging as well as surprising since what is depicted can be unpredictable and demanding; but apart from that, sometimes travel photography manages to present a different angle on a familiar subject and show it in a new and captivating light. That is why it can be so interesting. It’s not only the places, but the way they are presented as well.

Participating artists:
Alain Schroeder # Belgium
Amanda Marie Harner # USA
Dimo Dimov # Bulgaria
Gregoris Mentzas # Greece
Harry Longsteet # USA
Jason Freeman # Australia
Jerry Grasso # USA
Lesia Maruschak # Canada
Manos Sparis # Greece
Margrieta Jeltema # Netherlands
Paul M. Murray # USA
Pete McCutchen # USA
Ron Colbroth # USA
Stephen Mimms # USA



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