Exhibition – On Photography Team

Group exhibition

On Photography

20 Photographers, 20 Perspectives…

Exhibition Duration:
13 April – 19 April 2018

When we take pictures we see life and then … we see photos in our workshop …

Four years after its first meeting, the Photographic Group «on PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM» presents a group exhibition of all its active members for the first time.
This exhibition consists of recent photos, most of which have been taken in the last two years, and they attempt a two-level approach, both on an individual and a collective level.
Each photographer attempts to display his personal style and aesthetics through four photos without being bound by a dominant subject or the group’s aesthetics. Nevertheless they are part of the group’s dialogue because they come from it.
Influence and style come from both the great photographers of the past and the attachment to the traditional photography, mostly through experimentation with technology.
In any case, the results come from creators who seek and explore both the medium and the aesthetics, with dedication and love for the photographic art.

Participating artists:

Apollonia Grammatico
Anna Roumelioti
Barbara Rapti
Dimitris Papageorgopoulos
Dionissis Sgouros
Maria Tamichtsi
Michail Frangos
Nektaria Giakoumaki
Pavlos Logothetis
Sophia Perdikari
Spiros Skoutaris
Stamatis Mersiadis
Betty Grammaticopoulou
Xristina Perdikari
Kalliopi Menidiati
Margarita Triantafyllidi
Nina Paraschou
Petros Papamichalopoulos
Pipina Inglesi
Tina Hatzimichael



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